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Pro-Life Zealot's Journal
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Monday, July 1st, 2002
8:47 pm
I deleted this journal during the afternoon while I reflected on what to do with it in the future. Some feelings have been hurt recently because certain people choose to read satircal journals of imaginary people who resembled themselves and take them seriously.

A little bird told me that a complaint has been sent to Livejournal abuse, and I assure you that this fascist attempt at censorship was fruitless. Plagiarism would constitute me copying someone’s journal word for word, or using their actual name or e-mail addresss.

Secondly, no one is forced to read journals they don’t like. This satirical journal is particular was made to entertain my pro-choice friends on Livejournal. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. The internet’s big enough for people of all opinions and inclinations.

I’ve seen some pretty hatefull remarks in the journals of various friends of mine. Congratualations to those who’ve posted hateful comments, you've dispelled any illusion that you were trying to build of being the mature, level-headed side of this issue.

A big, fat middle finger goes out to anyone who supports censorship in any shape or form.


Current Mood: annoyed
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